gemini product highlights

Super Secure

Ultra-Durable lid threads

Made From Plants!

Lid and optional filters are made from sustainable sugar cane.

Color Coded

Spout matches filter and band

Silicone Band

Food-grade silicone is soft and easily gripped and stored in car cup holders and bicycle cages.

Deep-Infusion Tech

Our proprietary process that infuses organic Anti-Microbial elements with sustainable sugar cane for lid, spout and filters.

Water Filter

Can be equipped with an industry leading Space-Certified, plant-based purification filter.

Tap on Bottle

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Stunning Views

The bottle is beautifully contoured to fit your hands and clearly displays your filters.

Design and functionality

stunning contours and colours

Gemini was an early NASA human space flight program named after the constellation which is Latin for twins. This water bottle screams fashion and fits perfectly into your hands.

All Gemini bottles can be equipped with an optional space certified MAINSTREAM and EXTREME filter.

fully recyclable

Gemini double curved bottles are fully recyclable Tritan and enhanced with our revolutionary proprietary process of "DEEP INFUSION" which combines organic and anti-microbial elements with plant-based polymers of sugar cane for the lid and filter.

cascade of colors

Gemini invites clear views into the bottle and displays a palette of dazzling colors with food-grade silicone bands and coordinated colorful filter combinations.

Which is your Gemini?