discovery product highlights

Super Secure

Ultra-Durable lid threads

Made From Plants!

Bottles, lids and optional filters are made from sustainable sugar cane for a carbon neutral footprint!

Color Coded

Spout color matches bottle

Stylish Sleeve

Food-grade silicone is soft and easily gripped and stored in car cup holders and bicycle cages.

Deep-Infusion Tech

Our propietary process that infuses organic Anti-Microbial elements with sustainable sugar cane for bottle, lid and spout!

Water Filter

Can be equipped with an industry leading Space-Certified, plant-based purification filter.

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made from plants

world's first Plant based bottle

After years of research, a new age of "Discovery" has resulted in the development of plant-based polymers that are fully recyclable and not harmful to our planet.

Discovery becomes the first fully recyclable water bottle with filter capability made from plants!


Destiny water's deep infusion

Discovery bottles are formulated with our revolutionary proprietary process of "DEEP INFUSION" which combines organic and anti-microbial elements with plant-based polymers of sugar cane to produce a carbon neutral footprint.

Every Discovery bottle, lid and optional filter includes this incredible technology to protect the product and our planet.

discover our exciting new line

Express yourself with stylish food grade silicone sleeves that explode in a cascade of over 16 different color combinations.

All Discovery bottles can be fitted with or without filters including Extreme purification filters to meet all your hydration needs.

Come experience "Discovery" and help make a difference. 

Which is your Discovery?