Leading the charge against plastics

stop plastic pollution in its tracks

The single-use bottled water industry has devastated the planet's natural environment and human health.

Recycle, reduce and reuse are positive strategies to re-purpose plastic, but they are not a proactive solution.

We believe the only way to truly solve the global plastic waste crisis is to stop producing plastic products.

After over 8 years of pioneering research and materials development, Destiny Water is the industry leader in Eco-friendly water bottles made from plants!

rethinking the way we consume water

At Destiny Water, we set out to implement positive Eco-friendly change through the following:

Highlight the extent of the plastic pollution crisis to increase awareness and promote sustainable choices.

Empower consumers with premium quality products that protect the Earth and human health while displacing the need to ever purchase bottled water.

Inspire other organizations to start going green by presenting our sustainable products and "Made From Plants" carbon-neutral philosophy.

products in harmony with Earth

The dolphin embodies our respect for nature and commitment to hydration that cares for our planet.

Destiny Water's all new Discovery and Endeavour bottles are made from sustainable sugar cane for a carbon neutral footprint.

We are also proud to have created the world's first filtered water bottle made completely from plants!

Every Destiny Water bottle can be equipped with one of our space-certified plant-based purification filters.

Together we can make an incredible difference!

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the world's first filtered water bottles made from plants!

​After 8 years of research and development, we are excited to present our solution to solving the planet's plastic waste crisis.


Destiny Water's all new sustainable water bottles are made from plants!

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