Water filters at the top of your travel list

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Water filtration and filtered water bottles have become a popular solution for purifying tap water. Choosing the right water filter will not only remove bad taste and odor but will also protect you from contaminated water.

Do you know what is in the water you are drinking? Many people might assume that tap water is both safe and clean enough to drink. However, even if your glass of water appears to be visibly clear consuming from unknown sources could negatively impact your business trip or vacation.

When at home would you entrust your well-being including loved one's health to an unknown water filter for the provision of safe drinking water you need including in an emergency? How confident are you in your ability to get safe, great tasting water from a river or even a stagnant pond?

Whenever we take a trip regardless if it is for a work or a vacation, most people will bring the typical things including clothes, toiletries, notebooks and chargers. Some will also buy travel insurance to cover them in the event of an unforeseen medical or property loss. The majority of people however, do not pre-plan where they will be dining, even though this is arguably more important than what outfits you will be wearing. Anyone who has ever gotten food poisoning or water-borne illness, knows what an unpleasant experience this can be.

“Nobody would like to admitted to the hospital during your getaway or business trip. especially overseas.”

The possibility for toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and pathogens including: bacteria, virus, cysts and other impurities is increasing around the world. The vision of fresh uncontaminated water that was readily available less than a century ago is harder and more costly to obtain as a result of urbanization and expanding populations. Consequently, correct safety measures should be taken to treat your water, drinks and ice. Consuming tainted water may result in serious illness or even loss of life.

Over the past decade, the water filtration industry has made incredible progress in both filter effectiveness and portability. The relatively large filtered water pitchers that rely on carbon cartridges to reduce chlorine and bacteria are no longer able to keep up with active lifestyles and challenging water conditions. Indeed, filtered: faucets, refrigerators, under-counter reverse osmosis systems and gravity fed filtered pitchers will provide varying levels of protection to your home and office with relatively safe water sources.

However, an increasing number of research and government reports including the EPA show that municipal water supplies and pipe infrastructure are not suitable for human consumption. In addition, people traveling across the country, camping or living off the grid are very aware of the importance of safe drinking water supplies. We strongly advise against using chlorine tablets or boiling to treat your water, while this will kill off bacteria, it will not get rid of the impurities and trace contaminants within it.

A reusable water bottle with a built-in purification system that removes pathogenic bacteria, virus, metals and chemicals will address these water quality concerns. Everyone from students at school, people at work or travelers on the go, love the ease of use and portability of their filtered water bottles. It should be noted, that not all filtered water bottles utilize the same technology and are made to the same specifications. Carbon and ceramic based filters are mechanical filters that rely on small pores to restrict larger contaminants, these are less effective than hollow fiber and nano technology. Hollow fiber is a popular choice in filter straws however, these are prone to clogging, restricted flow rates and require servicing and the inclusion of carbon to minimize the unpleasant antiseptic taste.

Nano-Alumina is a revolutionary filtration media that uses positive charges to instantly remove contaminants from your water without the limitations of hollow fiber.

Destiny Water utilizes Nano media that was co-developed with NASA for use with the International Space Station. Our Space-Certified Nano filters have achieved class leading water filtration performance available on the market. Independently tested at the leading Department of Health certified laboratory in the US, Destiny Water filters exceed the FDA, EPA and even NSF 53 purification requirements. As the bottled water industry and tap water are severely under-regulated it is very important for you as a traveler and consumer to research the specifications, certifications and quality of the water products you purchase. Doing this will give you peace of mind when using unknown water sources while better ensuring your health at home and whenever you travel.

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